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Alina Frieske, Tang Shuo and Vanessa Safavi

Fabienne Levy


Alina Frieske is a German visual artist. Her practice is focused on the assembled image at the crossover between photography and painting. With an interest in online found material and its distribution, her work deals with the relationship between public and private identities and explores the impact of image circulation on opinions and identification.

Tang Shuo lives and works in London. His work explores memories of his childhood in rural Southern China, home to many wild animals and tropical plants. His work explores memories of his childhood in rural Southern China, where tropical plants grow and whichis home to many wild animals. When he moved to England in 2020, he had to face many changes adapting to a new lifestyle and had to rethink what was now his country and his identity. In his work he questions the relationship between individuals and society, revealing a certain feeling of loneliness and alienation, with painting as a form of solace. Memory, identity and connection are important themes in his work.

Vanessa Safavi lives and works between Berlin and Lausanne. In these new bronze sculptures, the artist represents a hybrid version of a female breast, taking the shape of a drop and suggesting a dynamical movement. These works suggest the strength of the female body and its phenomenological connection with the laws of nature. The sculptures of Vanessa Safavi delve into themes related to our relationship with the monstrous and the power of the femininity.

  • Vanessa Safavi
  • A life of transformation, 2023
  • Bronze
  • 40 x 20 x 20 cm
  • Available: $15,000
  • Alina Frieske
  • Rehearsing (one), 2023, 2023
  • Archival print on Baryta paper
  • 55.2 x 45.3 in
  • Available: $18,000
  • Tang Shuo
  • Chinese-style Traditional Woman, 2023
  • oil on linen
  • 100 x 80 cm
  • Available: $12,000
  • Tang Shuo
  • Untitled, 2024, 2024
  • Oil on linen
  • 15 3/4 x 15 3/4 in
  • Available: $5,000
  • Tang Shuo
  • Woman Foraging for wild greens, 2023, 2023
  • Oil on linen
  • 59 x 59 x 1 1/8 in
  • Available: $17,000