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Statement Pieces - November 14, 2021

For the fifth year, the Dallas Art Fair Foundation Acquisition Program funded the purchase of works for the Dallas Museum of Art’s permanent collection. The works chosen come from the fair, but include artists from all stages of their careers. Case in point: Upon Reflection, I am Aphrodite’s Pearls Strung Across the Firmament (above), a piece by Detroit-based Johnny Floyd, who began painting just three years ago. (Floyd was also featured in a recent cover story in this section.) The selections are made by DMA curators and a group of donors. This year’s choices also include works by Sarah Cain, Danielle McKinney, Susan Weil, Jordan Nassar and Carrie Yamaoka from the galleries Broadway, Night, JDJ, Anat Ebgi and Ulterior, respectively. You can see the pieces today along with other works at the Dallas Art Fair from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Fashion Industry Gallery

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