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Local Musicians to Perform at Dallas Art Fair

Local Musicians to Perform at Dallas Art Fair - April 5, 2017

An annual art tradition brings local musicians to an international stage.

Artist Uprising presents The Dallas Music Experience from 4 to 7 p.m. on Friday at the Dallas Art Fair to showcase local musicians. Director Lee Escobedo said he hopes to reach a significant portion of the people attending the fair to watch and interact with the music showcase. Escobedo said he selected local artists who typically play in venues in the area to represent the variety and scope of the Metroplex area.

“I am hoping Dallas-based people come out and see the show and also become aware of the Dallas Art Fair if they are not otherwise,” Escobedo said.

The event will feature artists such as Sam Lao, Sealion and cygnus. Dallas musicians are gaining prominence and renown in the local and regional levels of the Texas music scene, he said. Many local musicians are playing at major fairs in other cities, Escobedo said. By incorporating music into the internationally acclaimed Dallas Art Fair, local performers can make connections and spread their music somewhere other than the bars or venues in areas such as Deep Ellum.

Being able to perform on an outside stage and playing in front of a crowd that differs from their typical venue are traits Escobedo looked for when selecting performers. Tourists from Japan, United Kingdom, Brazil and other nations can see both the art and musical talent in Dallas, he said.

Organizing the right lineup and obtaining sponsorship to pay for the bands coming to Dallas, talking to connections he has made over the years and collaborating with them were steps to setting up the event.

Escobedo said if it came to it, he was willing to pay for the overhead costs to make sure the talent could perform at the fair.

“I decided to be a part of it, because I believe in what he’s doing,” said Randy Guthmiller, host and Dallas artist.

Art students can see and meet with artists on an international platform. Guthmiller said it’s nice to see a risk being taken.

Musician Sam Lao said her primary goal is to gain new fans and bring her own flair through her outfits and music for the audience. Having the audience see hip-hop in a place they may not expect it is important, as the genre is a part of pop culture.

“I hope that people will see a strong woman who is living her dream and sharing that with people,” Lao said.

Escobedo reached out to Dallas Art Fair organizers about 10 months ago to relay his vision of the benefits the music showcase could bring.

“It’s important to me that I am raising a level of awareness within the Dallas based community and the fair, and for the fair’s international community in Dallas,” Escobedo said. “I’m trying to cross-pollinate those two sectors of audiences to be aware of each other.”

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