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Various Small FiresDallas, Los Angeles, Seoul

Various Small Fires began as a series of conversations with artists and curators in Esther Kim Varet’s Venice Beach kitchen while working on her doctoral dissertation. Formally, VSF debuted in 2015 with a roster of artists and its current Johnston MarkLee Architects-designed building. The Hollywood gallery boasts three exhibition spaces, a unique sound corridor, and an outdoor gallery. VSF’s program explores several curatorial through lines: climate, equality, and an international conversation. The gallery is known for offering artists debut shows, creating intergenerational conversations among artists on its roster, and solidifying artists’ legacy within art history. In 2021, VSF joined the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA). In 2019, VSF opened a second location in Seoul, followed in 2022 by VSF’s third outpost in Dallas, Texas. These expansions grew from Varet’s personal connection to each city. They emphasize the gallery’s commitment to innovation and global dialogue in the twenty-first century.

Featuring Works By:

  • Sara Anstis
  • Che Lovelace
  • Mark Yang