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Various Small FiresLos Angeles, Dallas

Various Small Fires (VSF) is a gallery owned and operated by Esther Kim Varet in Los Angeles, California. In its 10 year exhibition history, VSF has presented the Los Angeles debuts of many internationally recognized emerging, mid, and late career artists. In April 2019, VSF opened a second location in the Hannam neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea. This spring, a third location will open in the Historic Downtown neighborhood of Dallas, TX.

The gallery's booth at the Dallas Art Fair will provide a snapshot of VSF's program and provide a preview of future programming at VSF Texas.

Featuring Works By:

  • Alex Becerra
  • Kohshin Finley
  • Jessie Homer French
  • Will Gabaldón
  • Sean Landers
  • Lezley Saar
  • Kyungmi Shin
  • Mark Yang
  • 812 North Highland Avenue
  • Los Angeles California 90038
  • 1511 Commerce St. Suite 100
  • Dallas Texas 75201