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Ruiz Healy Art

Ruiz Healy ArtSan Antonio, New York

Ruiz-Healy Art specializes in contemporary works of art with an emphasis on Latinx and Latin American artists, as well as working with prominent Texas-based artists. Ruiz-Healy Art is thrilled to present the work of Jesse Amado, Jennifer Ling Datchuk, and Carlos Rosales-Silva at the 2021 edition of the Dallas Art Fair.

Jesse Amado is known for highly formal and conceptually based art. Amado’s practice inhabits the minimal space that hovers between life and art and is imbued by the symbolic power of image-making and its formal or stylistic possibilities. One of Amado's recurring themes centers on his very intentional choice of materials, using them as a vehicle to express meaning beyond their physical function and convey a deeper commentary on the human experience. Amado’s work is grounded in his Mexican American heritage, South Texas aesthetics, and conceptual practices anchored in social realities, history, and politics.

Jennifer Ling Datchuk currently lives and works in San Antonio, Texas. Trained in ceramics, her works often use a myriad of materials ranging from porcelain to fabric and embroidery. Datchuk calls on her personal experiences and Asian heritage to visually portray an inherent connection with Chinese blue-and-white porcelain traditions. In her recent sculpture, Giddy Up, Datchuk explores her heritage as a Chinese-American-Texan. Inspired by a pair of porcelain Victorian boots, the artist reconstructs the form to that of a cowboy boot with human hair for the fringe. Using symbols of the dragon and the phoenix, the boots symbolize strength, cultural adaptation, and the humorous term “Ni haody” - a combination of the Chinese “Ni hao” and Texas “howdy.”

Carlos Rosales-Silva is an artist and educator working and living between New York, NY, and Texas. Rosales-Silva’s works are grounded in the fundamentals of painting but often borrow from sculptural and installation practices, existing in the spaces between classification. For the last decade, the focal point of his studio has been on his research and mediation on the ever-expanding histories of Brown people in the United States. The artist’s works consider the histories of vernacular cultures of the American Southwest, the western canon of art history, and the political and cultural connections and disparities between them. The works themselves serve as abstract acts of personal discovery that reveal meaning long after they are completed. In this sense, they are non-textual communications, a meditative and slow way of processing knowledge.

Featuring Works By:

  • Jesse Amado
  • Jennifer Ling-Datchuk
  • Carlos Rosales-Silva