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Nino Mier GalleryLos Angeles

Founded in 2015, NINO MIER GALLERY is a contemporary art gallery focused on bringing a diverse and international program to Los Angeles. The gallery has aimed to carve out a niche in the city; to be a painter’s gallery. 

Little more than a year after opening the original gallery, Nino Mier was able to expand into a larger space located directly next door. This expansion made it possible to show a comprehensive body of work in both spaces concurrently, as well as using the original space as a project room.

Having launched the careers of Jan-Ole Schiemann, Thomas Wachholz, and Jana Schröder, Nino Mier Gallery was also recently able to start working with mid-career artists such as André Butzer, Michael Bauer, Anke Weyer, and Anna Fasshauer. While the Rhineland and other regions in Germany are very well represented on the gallery's roster, the gallery also shows local artists such as Louise Bonnet, Celeste-Dupuy-Spencer and Eve Fowler who are all Los Angeles based artists. To round out the current program, the gallery started working with Ben Sledsens, a young Belgian painter, and Ginny Casey, a New York based artist.

Featuring Works By:

  • Georg Karl Pfahler