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Night Gallery

Night GalleryLos Angeles

Night Gallery was opened in 2010 by Davida Nemeroff, in a small strip mall in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. The gallery was as much a space for gathering and discussion as it was for exhibitions, and during its first two years was only open between 10pm and 2am on weeknights. In January 2013 those hours shifted to daytime, and the gallery was moved to its current location, a former shipping warehouse on the outskirts of downtown L.A. Throughout this time Night Gallery has remained committed to supporting its represented artists, of which there are currently twenty. Imbued with the ethos of the gallery’s early days, the program of exhibitions and events strives to be versatile in form and urgent in commentary.


Featuring Works By:

  • Andrea Marie Breiling
  • Josh Callaghan
  • Cynthia Daignault
  • Ian Davis
  • Wanda Koop
  • David Korty
  • Grant Levy-Lucero
  • Anne Libby
  • Jasmine Little
  • Jesse Mockrin
  • Robert Nava
  • Anna Rosen
  • Brie Ruais
  • Claire Tabouret
  • Kandis Williams
  • Andy Woll