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KarmaNew York

Karma was founded in April 2011 by Brendan Dugan and opened in a storefront space in the West Village, New York. Karma’s initial focus was a project-based program as well as publishing artists’ books with contemporary artists.

In the last three years Karma’s focus has shifted towards formal representation with a growing roster, which currently contains seven artists. The gallery program has always been a mixture of young, established, and under recognized artists as well as artists’ estates and we plan to continue this diverse program as we develop the formal roster. Many of the artists that Karma is working with were new discoveries, who we have been able to connect to other galleries in the US and internationally to promote additional gallery representation. These collaborations have fostered growth and new relationships for the gallery and continue to build context for our artists. Over the past six years, Karma’s unique and collaborative program has cultivated strong relationships with critics, artists, collectors, museum boards, institutional curators and other gallerists from around the world.

Karma opened a second location in Amagansett, NY in the summer of 2012. The space continues to operate annually between June and September with monthly exhibitions as well as staging long-term exhibitions in the Fall and Winter.

Since 2014 Karma has participated in art fairs such as Zona Maco, Mexico City; NADA, Miami; FIAC, Paris; Independent, New York; and Frieze, New York.

In November 2016, Karma opened a new gallery in the East Village. Renovating a single-story garage building on East 2nd Street, the gallery is Karma's most significant and ambitious space to date and has allowed for the exhibition program to develop and the artist roster to grow further.

Featuring Works By:

  • Will Boone
  • Jean Conner
  • Alex Da Corte