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James Barron ArtSouth Kent

James Barron Art specializes in modern and contemporary American and European art. Barron is known for his refined vision and ability to juxtapose works in unexpected combinations. Our gallery spaces feature exhibitions with a focus on American and Italian art exhibited outside of the typical 'white box', and we continue to explore the relationship between trained and untrained artists. The gallery has an ongoing series of interviews with artists and art historians, reflecting a longstanding tradition of special events there.


Featuring Works By:

  • Deborah Brown
  • Sidival Fila
  • Cleve Gray
  • Vera Girivi
  • Alison Hall
  • Sol LeWitt
  • Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe
  • Beverly Pepper
  • Alexis Rockman
  • Kikuo Saito
  • Reza Shafahi
  • Joel Shapiro
  • James Siena
  • John Sonsini
  • Elisabetta Zangrandi