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Hexton GalleryNorthbrook, Illinois

In 1993, Hexton Gallery opened at 78th and Madison on New York’s Upper East Side. Established by Robert Chase, the gallery expanded upon Chase’s long-standing role in gallery development, artist representation and his extensive work in 20th century master prints and figurative sculpture. Upon moving to its current Chicago location, the gallery initiated a contemporary publishing and artist representation program including unique works, sculpture and print editions. Projects include an ongoing collaboration with Scott Avett, Robert Farber, Eric Fischl, Tony Fitzpatrick and Carlos Rolón

Carlos Rolón, a child of first generation Puerto Rican immigrants, is internationally recognized for work that draws directly from history, culture and the exuberance of his childhood home. His installations combine paintings of lush tropical flora with works composed of fences and fragmented mirrors such as his recent exhibition at The New Orleans Museum of Art. Rolón’s collaboration with Hexton includes the debut of new gouache paintings on paper, canvas and aluminum, exploring the tension between commerce and preservation.


Featuring Works By:

  • Carlos Rol√≥n