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Galleri UrbaneDallas

Galleri Urbane is pleased to present a rotating selection of gallery artists throughout the weekend, including Anna Kunz, Jessica Drenk, Stephen D'Onofrio, József Csató, Jessica Drenk, Rachel Hellmann, Aron Barath, Samantha McCurdy, Iren Tete, and Jason Willaford. We are excited to introduce UK artist, Adam Hedley and New York artist Joseph Montgomery. Through a tightly curated selection of work by these artists, the booth provides visitors with a concise depiction of the gallery’s overall artistic vision.

Featuring Works By:

  • Anna Kunz
  • Jessica Drenk
  • Stephen D'Onofrio
  • József Csató
  • Jessica Drenk
  • Rachel Hellmann
  • Aron Barath
  • Samantha McCurdy
  • Iren Tete
  • Jason Willaford
  • Adam Hedley
  • Joseph Montgomery.