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Turner Carroll GallerySanta Fe

The vision of the Turner Carroll Gallery since its inception is to source significant artwork of our era from diverse areas of the world. The gallery is constantly considering the new international art movements/developments which presuppose historical significance, and the gallery owners travel extensively to curate exhibitions for the gallery from other parts of the world. Thus far, the gallery has featured important contemporary exhibitions from Romania, Ireland, France, Russia, and Mexico. From its opening 31 years ago, Turner Carroll Gallery has dedicated its program to showing a gender and racially diverse group of museum collected artists who address the most relevant issues of our time. In recent years, TCG has curated exhibitions by artists whose prescient work considers immigration, women’s contributions to the art historical canon, BIPOC realities, and what it means to live in this world. Turner Carroll is widely known for exhibiting top artists in the world such as French sculptor Camille Claudel, feminist icon Judy Chicago, top Chinese-American artist Hung Liu, and the most successful female street artist—Swoon.

In October 2022, we opened CONTAINER at 1226 Flagman Way in Santa Fe in a very special building made of shipping containers. Art institution meets commercial gallery meets private collection, CONTAINER introduces an innovative vision for art exhibitions. CONTAINER will bring touring museum exhibitions to the artistic heartland of Santa Fe, New Mexico, offering collectors an opportunity to purchase artworks by sought-after artists directly from its institutional exhibitions.

Featuring Works By:

  • Hung Liu
  • Lien Truong
  • Clarence Heyward
  • Judy Chicago
  • Raphaelle Goethals
  • Angela Ellsworth
  • Stephen Hayes
  • Mokha Laget
  • and Hunt Slonem