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SecciFlorence, Milan

Since its foundation in 2013, Secci has hosted a series of innovative and cutting-edge exhibitions, each characterized by different genres and expressive mediums. Committed to the promotion and the exploration of contemporary art, the Gallery supports and represents a wide range of national and international artists ranging from emerging talents to more established ones.

The opening of a new exhibition space in 2016 has allowed the Gallery to host larger shows, shifting its attention to more ambitious, site-specific projects that aim at fostering international partnerships through continuous collaborations with critics and curators, foundations, collectors and scholars. Indeed, Secci mission has been shaped around two focal points: the development of its represented artists and the promotion of a cultural dialogue locally and internationally. Thus, alongside its rich annual exhibition program, consisting of 6 to 8 shows, the Gallery endeavors to develop a greater understanding and a broader interest in the works of its artists through museums collaborations, institutional projects, as well as through the publication of exhibition catalogues and commissioned essays.

More recently, believing in the importance of promoting young artists, several research programs have been inaugurated with the purpose of exploring international art and the global impact of media. This led to the opening of “Hype”, an autonomous space, physically and conceptually, dedicated to artistic experimentation and contemporary media. Conceived as an independent place from the main gallery exhibition spaces, “Hype” encourages new projects and their potential future developments, functioning as an incubator of ideas for emerging artists.

Furthermore, the Gallery participates to over 10 international art fairs worldwide and thanks to its work and effort it has provided its represented artists with the opportunity to exhibit and enter in prestigious private and museum collections, such as the Dallas Museum of Art, the MoMa NY, the KG Collection Chicago and the MAXXI of Rome.