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SECCIFlorence, Milan, Pietrasanta

Secci was founded in Florence in 2013. Since it's inception, the gallery has gained an international reputation for carrying out a high-quality and curatorial-driven exhibition program. Situated in the historical 15-century Palazzo Ricasoli, the Florence gallery delivers a rigorous curatorial approach, fostering international collaborations and partnerships, involving critics, curators and artists.

The gallery has developed a multidisciplinary program of artists and artist estates, a cultivated mix of Modern and Contemporary art.  It is this co-existence of Modern and Contemporary art that the gallery strives to both bridge and showcase, as a way of demonstrating the cross-cutting nature of art itself.

In 2021, the gallery opened a second venue in the heart of Milan. This new opening has allowed the Gallery to host larger shows, shifting its attention to more ambitious, site-specific projects. The expansion has inspired the launch of NOVO, a new Milanese program dedicated to contemporary experimentation seen through the eye of one single curator.

At the beginning of 2023, a gallery in Pietrasanta was opened as well as a Residency Program in Florence was inaugurated with the purpose of supporting the talented emerging artists of our generation, inviting them to live and work within the aerial perspective of a connoted city such as Florence.

In all of its efforts, the gallery acts as an incubator for cutting-edge creativity inspiring artists, curators, institutions, and collectors with new ways of delving into a unique artistic discourse.

Featuring Works By:

  • Chris Soal
  • Luisi Mera
  • Dan Flanagan