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Miles McEnery GalleryNew York

Miles McEnery Gallery is a leading contemporary art gallery with four locations occupying 25,000 square feet in Chelsea, New York.

Since its inception in 1999, the gallery has grown physically and conceptually, currently representing over 40 multigenerational contemporary artists of diverse backgrounds, media, and practices.

The gallery provides a platform for critically acclaimed artists as well as global mid-career and emerging talents. 

As a member of the Art Dealer’s Association of America (ADAA), Miles McEnery Gallery is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, scholarship, and connoisseurship. The gallery publishes significant catalogues to accompany its exhibitions and has been instrumental in the support of artist monographs. Additionally, it regularly assists in the organization of institutional exhibitions and facilitates museum acquisitions.

Featuring Works By:

  • Whitney Bedford
  • Rosson Crow
  • Isca Greenfield-Sanders
  • Beverly Fishman
  • Markus Linnenbrink