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Berry Campbell GalleryBerry Campbell GalleryBerry Campbell Gallery

Berry Campbell GalleryNew York

Berry Campbell continues to fill an important gap in the downtown art world, showcasing the work of prominent and mid-career artists.
The owners, Christine Berry and Martha Campbell, share a curatorial vision of bringing new attention to the works of a selection of postwar and contemporary artists and revealing how these artists have advanced ideas and lessons in powerful and new directions. Artists and estates represented by the gallery are Edward Avedisian, Walter Darby Bannard, Stanley Boxer, Dan Christensen, Eric Dever, Perle Fine, Judith Godwin, John Goodyear, Ken Greenleaf, Raymond Hendler, Ida Kohlmeyer, Jill Nathanson, John Opper, Stephen Pace, Charlotte Park, William Perehudoff, Ann Purcell, Mike Solomon, Syd Solomon, Albert Stadler, Yvonne Thomas, Susan Vecsey, James Walsh, Joyce Weinstein, Frank Wimberley, Larry Zox, and Edward Zutrau.

Berry Campbell Gallery is located in the heart of the Chelsea Arts District at 530 West 24th Street, Ground Floor, New York, NY 10011.  For information, please contact Christine Berry or Martha Campbell at 212.924.2178 or

Featuring Works By:

  • Edward Avedisian
  • Walter Darby Bannard
  • Stanley Boxer
  • Dan Christensen
  • Eric Dever
  • Perle Fine
  • Judith Godwin
  • John Goodyear
  • Ken Greenleaf
  • Raymond Hendler
  • Jill Nathanson
  • John Opper
  • Stephen Pace
  • Charlotte Park
  • William Perehudoff
  • Ann Purcell
  • Mike Solomon
  • Syd Solomon
  • Albert Stadler
  • Yvonne Thomas
  • Susan Vecsey
  • James Walsh
  • Joyce Weinstein
  • Frank Wimberley
  • Larry Zox
  • Edward Zutrau