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Beatriz Esguerra ArtBogota

Colombian art is an exciting universe of ideas and cultures that for years were a hidden treasure of artistic expressions. Today they are at the forefront of global collections, art fairs, museums and galleries. Colombia has flourished and is the focus of international investors in all fields including art.

Since opening in 2000, Beatriz Esguerra Art has promoted selected Colombian artists locally and internationally. The gallery is committed to fostering the careers of its represented artists, from emerging to established, through carefully curated projects, exhibitions, publications, art fair participation in the US and Latin America, and joint ventures with American galleries. 

For the fifth consecutive year, Beatriz Esguerra Art is pleased to participate in the Dallas Art Fair, featuring works by major Colombian artists: Fernando Botero and Pedro Ruiz in dialogue with gallery artists Pablo Arrazola, Mario Arroyave, Carolina Convers, Teresa Currea and Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra. Subject matters include displacement, the role of value and finance in our world, surrealist universes and women's role in society, amont others. Drawing, bank note assemblages, painting and photography are a few of the mediums used by these artists. 



Featuring Works By:

  • Fernando Botero
  • Pedro Ruiz
  • Pablo Arrazola
  • Mario Arroyave
  • Carolina Convers
  • Teresa Currea and Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra.