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Almeida & Dale

Almeida & DaleSão Paulo

About Almeida & Dale 

Founded in 1998, Almeida & Dale promotes the work and legacy of Brazilian artists among institutions and private collections worldwide. The gallery covers 100 years of Brazilian art, from Tarsila do Amaral to Maria Martins, Neo-concrete stars such as Sergio Camargo and Lygia Pape, historic figures such as Rubem Valentim and Mestre Didi, and pioneering contemporary artists including Siron Franco and Victor Arruda, among many. 
Under the leadership of Antônio Almeida and Carlos Dale, the gallery organizes exhibitions that are impeccably curated and researched, often accompanied by definitive publications widely recognized for their originality and their historical and academic quality. 
Recent exhibitions Include dialogues between Helio Melo and Camargo, a retrospective of Sidney Amaral, a collaboration with Instituto Ling highlighting Tomie Ohtake’s groundbreaking work, and another with the Americas Society dedicated to Bispo do Rosario.
Along with the its program of exhibitions and publications, Almeida & Dale supports projects for the preservation of works by Brazilian artists. A recent example includes the representation of the Estate of Luiz Sacilotto, an outstanding artist belonging to the Brazilian Concrete Art movement.