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Allan Stone ProjectsNew York

Founded in 1960 by visionary connoisseur and dealer Allan Stone (1932 – 2006), the gallery known today as Allan Stone Projects has been admired for over half a century. Allan Stone Projects is the exclusive representative of works from the Allan Stone Collection. The Gallery presents exhibitions drawn from the esteemed collection amassed by the visionary dealer and collector. Formerly known as Allan Stone Gallery and located on the Upper East Side, the Gallery relocated to Chelsea in 2013. Admired for its eclectic approach and early advocacy of pivotal artists of the 20th Century, Allan Stone Projects continues to honor the legacy established by Stone. Stone was a leading authority on Abstract Expressionism, the New York dealer for Wayne Thiebaud for over forty years, and a passionate collector of Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, Arshile Gorky, Joseph Cornell, John Graham and John Chamberlain. He also promoted and collected the work of a younger generation of artists, including Robert Arneson, Jack Whitten, Robert Mallary, David Beck and Richard Hickam, among many others whose aesthetic tendencies suggest intriguing connections to the historical holdings in the collection. In addition to modern masterworks and contemporary art, the Allan Stone Collection includes tribal and folk art, Americana and important decorative arts and industrial design. 

Featuring Works By:

  • Arman
  • Robert Baribeau
  • Bo Bartlett
  • William Beckman
  • Barton Benes
  • Joseph Cornell
  • George Deem
  • Willem de Kooning
  • Thomas Downing
  • Peter Gee
  • Arshile Gorky
  • John Graham
  • James Havard
  • Richard Hickam
  • Kazuko Inoue
  • Franz Kline
  • Robert Mallary
  • Diana Moore
  • Robert S. Neuman
  • Edvins Strautmanis
  • Wayne Thiebaud
  • Jack Whitten